Song List Downloads

Acoustic Guitar Magazine readers occasionally ask us how to easily find a song transcription or chord-and-lyric chart in an old issue. Here are four song list PDFs, each sorted on a different datapoint, you can use to locate such songs.

Please understand that many of these old issues are permanently out of print, so if you don’t actually have the issue already, you won’t be able to order most back issues. (You can find available back issues here.)

Also note that some data, such as Creator (composer) or Instrument Set-up (Tuning) may be missing.  We’re working on filling those gaps and will repost the lists when we’re done.

Finally, this list only goes as far as issue number 300 (December 2017). We’ll update it at the end of 2018.

If you find any errors, please let us know!

Public Song List by Title 06.01.18

Public Song List by Composer 06.01.18

Public Song List by Issue 06.01.18

Public Song List by Tuning 06.01.18